Who are you and what is a BeardMonkey?

Well, this is the personal website of Robert Baarda a.k.a BeardMonkey. So, my surname is Baarda and in Dutch people tend to make Baardaap out of it which literally translates to Beardmonkey.

I do most of my programming in C# in Visual Studio. Though I do not see myself bound to Microsoft technology or tools, I’m comfortable working with a variety of languages, platforms and tools which are not MS related like for example Python and Rust.

I’m just interested in so many things that I’ll probably forget to mention most of them but some of the more abstract concepts and principles I’m interested in are: Software Architecture, Design Patterns, DSLs/linguistics (ANTLR, flex, bison), SOLID, TDD and just (unit) testing in general.

Whenever I have some time left I try to spent some time on one of my hobbies. I do really have quite some nerd hobbies which include: Gaming/sim-racing, programming and reading comics.